the overload of 90’s girlband phase…..

I’m a total 90’s baby, and hell yeah super proud of that. The 90’s ruled my world, every fad, from fashion to tv shows to music, I’m a total sucker for it. Being the obsessive stalker-ish type of fan I can be, I collected (euphemism for hoard) almost every thing from cassette tapes to crappy posters you get from those equally crappy music publications, everything about the girls that ruled the 90’s music scene.

About 2 days ago, with lack of nothing better to do, I decided to download a few music videos and came across someone’s channel with a spice girl song (Wannabe to be exact), and a light bulb sort of flickered inside my head and right then and there I decided to search for 90’s girl band songs. The Spice girls naturally were the ones that first came to mind, and even though I was really really tempted to  download all their songs, I decide to download just a few, those songs that I know I won’t get tired of listening to again and again and again.

While listening to the songs, tons of memories came flashing alongside with the feelings I felt at that time, the 90’s was a good decade, I learned to appreciate music and believe it or not, while playing the said songs from the Spice Girls to B*witched to All Saints, I still remember most of the lyrics and even some of the dance moves.

Don’t get me wrong, I also love current songs, but the 90’s will always have a special place in my musically inclined heart.

*by the way…..( I was so into the Spice Girls that I ended up pestering my mom to buy me a pair of platform shoes in baby pink, and I still have them by the way. 🙂


~ by thirteenlets on January 25, 2011.

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