to bachelorhood and beyond

Yes that is not a typo, and yes I did mention bachelorhood as it poses a much cooler vibe than that of old maidenhood. Bachelorhood sounds more of a choice, while old maidenhood sounds like you didn’t have any choice >_<

Yes, I am all for bachelorhood, and super proud of that.

See the thing is, I’m only 23 and though my biological clock is not pushing me to procreate as of now, I am fairly adjusted to fact that I may not be able to marry someday, and believe it or not, I am all for that.

People are often surprised to learn that for an only child, and a girl at that, I have no plans to get married. Most often they speculate that  I got burned by a past relationship, though I admit, that I did get burned, but that’s hardly the reason for my mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, I am only saying that I am perfectly ok not being married, it doesn’t translate into “I don’t want to get into a relationship”. Matter of fact, I am perfectly open to having one. Actually, a lot of people translate “I don’t plan on getting married” “I plan to stay single forever”, that’s actually not the case folks. I’m open for lifetime partnership, and I don’t plan on getting married not because, I don’t believe in the sanctity of the Holy Matrimony, but because I know that sooner or later, you’ll both realize that the initial love is gone and what you have ahead of you is only a lifetime partnership. Back to square one?

Besides, not being married doesn’t mean that infidelity is a given, if you love your partner and they mean the world to you, faithfulness is already given in the equation isn’t it?

In the end though, despite my modern views on union and such (mama and papa would certainly be disappointed when they learn about this) there is still this hopeful little girl inside me, wanting to meet, not a perfect prince charming that she reads about in fairy tales, but someone who will be able to change my mind and will finally be able to make me say “I DO”.


-this one is for you *yes You* the one who has been making me feel giddy since September 🙂



~ by thirteenlets on October 20, 2011.

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