of feelings and whatnots…… (dregs from an SATC marathon)

I once wrote as a status in Facebook this  random thought.

see that’s the funny thing about memories…
they make you feel emotions with the same intensity as before,
yet you’re in an entirely different place in your life. Kinda makes you question the present doesn’t it? 😕 

that thought actually stemmed from me watching too many episodes of Sex and the City… (big fan and not ashamed of it), see, whenever Carrie types up an article, I’m also inspired to write/type away my thoughts too.

well, obviously I don’t deal with most of the adult things she actually encounters on the show, but most of the things she mentions about feelings are relatable for almost every woman at any age bracket.

so here I am blogging about feelings as a result of that ordeal.

back  to the main thought…

memories and feelings…two aspects of life that are so interconnected that  one would simply not exist without the other.

whenever memories are conjured by our oh-so-busy mind, the feelings and emotions that accompany that memory comes back as well.

oftentimes, that would be a good thing, it allows you to relive the past even for just a fleeting second, and believe me, that’s a really healthy thing 🙂 however if you start obsessing about those, then It wouldn’t really count as a good emotional exercise wouldn’t it?

being two years 


~ by thirteenlets on October 23, 2011.

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