Geekette and Geek Dude

Once a upon a time a geekette met a geek dude in a geek fight and yada yada yada….

Much as I would love to start my sorry excuse for a love story with that so called opening, and since the term fight has been used, I would have really love if there was blood involved (gore fangirling over here), we did actually meet in a geek fight and quite frankly, that was it.

You acknowledged me and, continued eating your pesto pasta and answering the Futurama category questions with the same gusto. I didn’t really give you much thought nor attention, partly because, well physically speaking, you’re TOO TALL for me, (although, how I figured this out while you were sitting I have no idea) I was actually eyeing someone from across the room XD.

My very first geek fight, and would’ve thought that I’d meet someone who actually likes me without makeup, makes me laugh and puts up with my idiosyncratic views and opinions on the GEEKDOM.

Though it took you long enough to acknowledge me (you have no idea how excruciatingly painful was the wait for me, as I’ve been pining for you ever since October last year .

Hopeful for more months with you Geek Dude, you make this Geekette giddy with feelings she thought no longer existed 🙂


~ by thirteenlets on January 25, 2012.

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