my own personal pensieve.

expect to read and find a lot of stuff about me…


1. my love for almost any genre of music (pop, rock, classical, reggae, soul, rnb, jazz, grunge, emo, house, techno…. to name a few)

2.  I have an extensive collection of books, comics, magazines in almost any topic imaginable. (hoping to extend it more)

3. I am currently obsessed about the Japanese culture. (anime, manga, jrock and jpop)

4. I love to cook and try new dishes, my youtube account was actually created just so I can subscribe to certain cooking channels. (cooking with the dog and show me the curry are my favorite channels.)

5. I love watching movies, any genre is fine with me, but I personally find the horror, suspense, gore, surreal genres extra entertaining. (especially Asian horror flicks)

6. my family… (nuff said)

7. and my own idiosyncrasies 😛

Enjoy reading!!!


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