My *first* official blog!

•January 22, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I basically needed an outlet at this point in my life, not much of a writer actually (more of a talker) but this seems like the perfect thing to do, rather than bore my friends to death with my endless “yakkity yak” I’d rather do it in writing instead. haha. That way they can just step away from the computer and find other stuff to do than sit around listening to me and cursing me nonstop under their breath 🙂

Since this is *sort of my first* blog (I have a tumblr acct, but I don’t really use it that much, and pretty much all I do there is reblog, I’m counting that one out) I actually intend to write in it and update it religiously. I don’t really expect much traffic in my blog, so I’m basically really using this one as a basin a thoughts, call it my pensieve if you will.

documenting my life has never been *dramatic*